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    Boekhoudprogramma Sage BOB 50c has been specially designed for Small or Medium Enterprises. This software combines the most efficient tools for the accounting, financial and commercial management of the modern SME.


    Sage BOB 50c is a connected solution that connects your company with your customers, suppliers, employees, administration, bank, accountant and even other solutions. This way you can easily exchange information with your entire ecosystem. Your Sage BOB 50c boekhoudprogramma plays a central role in your business management.

  • Integration And Openness

    Nowadays a company cannot stand alone. It has to be connected with its ecosystem. Only in this way can you strengthen your competitive position and further develop your activities. This means that your accounting software will play a central role in your business and will help you to communicate more efficiently with your ecosystem:

    • customers,
    • suppliers,
    • external solutions that are connected with your solution to increase your productivity,
    • Bank
    • administration,
    • Staff members,
    • publisher,
    • accountant.


    Boekhoudprogramma Eenmanszaak Belgie

    • Adaptability


    This accounting software is ideal for companies with 1 to 50 employees. The boekhoudprogramma BOB 50 adapts perfectly to the needs of your company, regardless of the sector. BOB 50 is quickly and easily installed. It adapts easily and flexible to your needs and helps you with your challenges. (Google Docs)

    • Complete Overview

    Thanks to clear and complete information, Sage BOB 50 gives you a better view of your accounting and enables proactive management of your company. Sage BOB 50 gives you accounting tools that are necessary for the efficient and proactive management of your company by constantly providing you with a clear overview of your activity.

    • Cost-Effective Solution

    It is the cost-effective and most efficient solution for SMEs. BOB 50 is an accounting program that combines innovation, efficiency and user-friendliness for daily performance.

    • Most Efficient

    BOB 50 boekhoudprogramma is a unique platform that combines the most efficient and quirky tools for accounting and commercial management for today's SMEs.

    Sage BOB 50 covers both accounting, financial and commercial aspects, which are treated with the same care for effectiveness and accuracy. These are fully coherent, thanks to a common interface of exceptional ergonomic quality.


  • Beste Boekhoudprogramma Mkb

    Boekhoudprogramma allows Business Builders to meet their current and future requirements as well as possible. In an ever-changing world, business leaders always need the latest software to stay efficient. That is why the hybrid and connected solutions have been developed. The new generation of integrated Boekhoudprogramma is characterized by the 5 Cs:

    • Confidence
    • Collaborative
    • Connected
    • Community
    • Complete


  • Boekhoudprogramma BOB 50 offers you a full range of modules and functionalities ...

    Choose from a wide range of additional modules and functions to create the version of Sage BOB 50 that best meets your needs.


    Almost every module can be personalized and applied separately, making Sage BOB 50 an evolving platform that can be adapted to the developments of your SME.

  • BOB 50 Accounting Software Reviewed In 3 Words:

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    Ergonomics developed to win time with every step.



    Information, statistics and reports are accessible in a maximum of three mouse clicks.



    It is your needs and your expectations that determine the form and content of Sage BOB 50.

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